Can-Am Renegade 61kW

Rent Can-Am 1000m3 is an absolute peak and a very powerful ATV with an acceleration of 0-100 km / h: 4s.
Selection: 2WD or 4WD
Number of seats: 1

Rent: 1h 50 eur

Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4x4i

Their strong build, the power roar of a V engine and an amazing torque allows you to prevail even in the most difficult conditions!
Selection: 2WD or 4WD
Number of seats: 1

Additional equipment

  • Winch
  • Towing hook

Kawasaki KVF 650D

Rent a Kawasaki ATV characterized by power, value and easy maneuvering!!
Selection: 2WD or 4WD
Number of seats: 1

Additional equipment:

  • Towing hook

Honda TRX90X

Rent a Honda smallest ATV, which is an ideal machine for beginner young people who want to learn the off-road charms. Nothing is more fun for kids than having a good and squeaky ride on an athletic ATV, designed just for them.

4-speed automatic transmission

Yamaha YZF50

Rent a Yamaha ATV for children. To help young beginners grow into accomplished ATV riders, the YFZ50 includes a two-stage rpm limiter as well as a throttle limiter to restrict the engine’s performance and adapt to the rider’s advancing skill levels. A tethered switch allows parents to closely monitor new riders and cut power to the engine if necessary as new riders learn the basics of ATV control.

Kubature 49.4cc
Transmission CVT

Additional equipment

ATV trailer from Respo

  • Measurements (m): 1.05 × 1.77 m
  • Total mass: 800 kg
  • Unladen mass: 205 kg
  • Load capacity: 595kg
  • Hatches can be opened from the front and back.


See the Price List

Price List

ATV-rent 1 hour 35 eur

ATV-rent 1 hour 50 eur (Can-Am)

ATV-rent 2 hour 70 eur

ATV-rent 4 hour 90 eur

ATV-rent 24 hour 160 eur

ATV-trailer 24 hour 10 eur

Children's ATV- rent 2 hour 25 eur

Agree on a price for the weekend or for a longer period.

The price includes:

  • The use of the ATV and the user and safety manual
  • Use of the helmet, goggles and gloves
  • 20% of VAT

Our Service

Driving an ATV on a terrain is an exciting and adrenaline pumping experience. The areas between Männiku and Saku near Tallinn provide you with amazing opportunities to challenge yourself, your friends and family while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Rent an ATV for carrying trees, gravel, sand or other materials to places that are difficult to access . Our ATVs are able to carry a load of up to 595 kg, which helps you get the job done faster and more easily.

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